I’d been on the lookout for a nice old tractor model for my WW2 tables for a while, but the options all seemed expensive or the wrong scale. Luckily 3D printing can sort both those problems with the click of a button!

The original model for this print is this 1918 Fordson Tractor model on Thingiverse. It’s exactly the kind of tractor I wanted; one that was old enough to look broken down and decrepit by the 1940s. I’m loving the oldskool solid wheels, none of that newfangled modern pneumatic nonsense! It’s a superbly detailed little model. After a quick rescale and a test run to get the size and supports right it printed without any major issues. The blue resin I used is an eSun Tough resin. My test run (besides being a little small) showed that the fine parts of the print were a little too delicate in standard resin.

After priming with cheap Halfords plastic primer I undercoated the whole thing in Vallejo’s nice “Dark Rust” and then set about distressing it a bit with paint, washes and weathering powders. it actually turned out quite well with minimal effort.

Buy one for yourself

If you’ve got a resin printer you’re probably quite happy to click the link above and download it for yourself, but if you don’t print or you want me to do all the work to nail the supports, etc then you can buy one from me for the princely sum of £5 (or £3.50 for the 20mm version. It’s a great little model.

If you do buy one, send me a pic when you’ve painted it and I’ll put them in a gallery here. I’d love to see what folks do with them.