Continuing my guns ‘n’ tanks binge for Chain of Command, I’ve added another dinky Allied tankette to the garage. This time it’s a carrier for a Vickers machine gun from Warlord Games.

Warlord have this model listed on their website as “MMG Carrier“, so you won’t find it if you go looking for something like “Vickers carrier”. Technically  all the carriers post 1940 were the same vehicle (Universal carrier), and it was only very early in the war that there was a separate “Bren gun carrier”,  “Scout carrier” etc. When used by the machine gun platoon the Universal carried the Vickers gun instead of the usual Bren. When travelling it stowed in the back:



To fire the gun it could either be mounted on a pedestal in the centre of the vehicle, or could be dismounted and use the tripod.

The Warlord kit

This is a resin model, with a 4-man metal crew and some parts of the vehicle. The crew figures are all well sculpted and fit nicely into the vehicle. Casting quality on the resin was good, I didn’t have to fill any voids and only did only minimal cutting and scraping to get it assembled.

The bloke with the Vickers mounts snugly into a little hole on top of the vehicle, so not gluing him is an option. Doing this allows you to field it as a pretty normal carrier, especially as the carriers in Motor Rifle Scout Platoons only had three crew anyway. Since I’ve already got two of Warlord’s plastic carriers this means I’ve now got enough for a full section if I want.

All up this was a good little kit, and being versatile enough to represent a normal carrier makes it good value.

I’ve painted it up as part of Polish 1st Armoured instead of NZ 2nd Division like my other carriers. They did a lot of chasing around at high speed and would have been more likely to use their Vickers guns right from the carrier than the Kiwi infantry slogging their way through Italy. Painting was pretty straightforward. I did most of the work with a green rattle can. Being a resin kit the tracks were a bit fiddly as you have to paint them in situ. The tracks were about the only place I had to clean up any messy resin, by the way. I actually think the crew took longer to paint than the vehicle did.

I added a cam net to the back because there was a big flat area that was slightly badly cast and I wanted to hide it.

The Vickers Carrier in Chain of Command

I bought this for a Chain of Command campaign I’ve got cooking on the pot. In CoC it would be the same as a normal carrier, but with 10d6 instead of the normal 6d6 for a vehicle MG. Running the vehicle through the CoCulator puts it on List 4, which is exactly the same as a Vickers gun on foot. There are pros and cons to fielding a Vickers gun this way:


  • It’s obviously more mobile
  • As a vehicle you get a free JL, so it’s easier to activate


  • Smaller crew, three men plus JL instead of five so it is easier to kill if the gun dismounts
  • Being a vehicle it risks being killed by a single shot. Any heavy weapon with an AP rating will eat it for breakfast
  • It can’t be deployed from a Jump Off Point, but would instead have to enter from the baseline and drive to its firing point
  • It can’t ambush

I think on balance keeping it on List 4 the same as a dismounted Vickers gun is about right.