The SdKfz 251 “Hanomag” is such an iconic vehicle I felt my Germans needed to have one on call. While it wasn’t used by most German units, some of the Panzergrenadiers did have them, and armoured transport isn’t a bad trick to have up your sleeve in Chain of Command.

Warlord have brought out a ton of plastic WW2 vehicles lately. Many of these are just Italeri kits in Warlord boxes, but this one seems to be hailing from somewhere else.

Everything you get in the box.

Everything you get in the box.

The kit is 100% plastic, you get a couple of sprues containing the whole vehicle plus a wee man for the MG and a sheet of decals to dress your Hanomag up as either Heer or SS. It’s the mid-war Ausf C model, which was widely enough used to be good for the whole war except for the very earliest battles in France and the Low Countries. Even then it’s similar enough to the Ausf A and B that I reckon it would do.

I had no problems constructing the kit. The hull consists of a top and bottom half, you might need to sand them a bit to get a good fit. There’s some interior detail like the driver’s seats and you get a stumpy plastic radio antenna that feels sturdy enough to actually fit.

Detail on the parts is pretty good, you can see panel lines and hinges and a ton of rivets, although some of them are more sharply defined than others. The kit does include some stowage bits, and I also added some of my own for variety. I didn’t bother with the plastic gunner. It’s not a great miniature IMO, and I think transports look a bit odd with only one man in them.  A couple of manufacturers (eg: West Wind, Warlord early and late) do seated squads to fill your Hanomags with, I’d rather get one of those later.

I’ve painted it up the same as most of my other German vehicles. Dunkelgelb spray undercoat with Vallejo Green and brown camo daubed on with a brush. I wash down with Army Painter Strong Ink and blackline with black ink. That last step actually took a while, the kit is quite angular and has a bazillion little rivets to pick out, but I think it’s always worth doing the blacklining. The whole lot got drybrushed in Vallejo Middlestone to finish, and the tracks and tyres muddied up with GW Blackfire Earth. It’s the first time I’d used that and it was a nice quick way of getting a reddish-brown earthy tone onto the wheels and tracks. It’s even got a bit of texture to it if you want to put it on in clumps.

Overall, another good miniature from Warlord. I do try to keep buying from other manufacturers, but the size and quality of Warlord’s vehicle range does seem to have me going back to them time and again.