My late war Germans are pretty much sorted now, I’m just adding a few bits and pieces to round out their support options. What they’ve been missing is some solid HE fire, and that’s where the leIG 18 75mm infantry gun comes in.

I bought it from Warlord, and its a really nice kit. There’s enough detail on it in the form of rivets and such that it dirties up well and I love the way the crew is snuggled in behind the gun. You can tell this thing is used to operating in the direct fire zone, with incoming rounds pinging off the gun shield as they punch direct fire HE into some strong point. Just the ticket for 28mm skirmish gaming.

It does have the standard wargames flaw of being sold with only three crewmen, it should really have five or six. I’ve bought some Artizan PAK crew to make up the numbers. Apart from that I’m very happy with it.

A dinky German infantry gun is quite happy in this emplacement

The extra gun crew making up numbers

I was tempted by the bigger sIG 33, which looks absolutely devastating under the Chain of Command rules, but I like to limit my supports mostly to the infantry’s own organic fire support where possible. For a platoon level game I think it’s a bit of a stretch to be constantly fielding supports that were controlled at regimental or divisional level. I’d rather get the smaller gun and put it on the table more often than feeling like a cheesemonger by putting a divisional asset on table with my platoon every game.

Modest firepower notwithstanding, the little snub-nosed 75mm should come in handy. In CoC HE fire ignores troop quality, and negates one level of cover so this gun should be pretty handy at digging elites out of positions that small arms might be quite ineffective against. Given that my main regular opponent has British Paras and one of the other lads at the club is painting US Airborne I foresee this gun seeing a lot of action.