Who doesn’t like Stugs? They’re pretty much the signature vehicle for a late war German army, and perfectly believable support for an infantry platoon in games of Chain of Command.  So I really felt it had to make the short list of armour support for my little Germans.

The kit I’ve gone for is a Warlord games one. I recently got one of their recce hanomags, and the casting on that one wasn’t great. That must have been bad luck, as this one is fine. The only issue it had was a bad case of wobbly-itis in the schurzen that took some hot water and persuasion to fix. One was quite bad so I simply chopped the very bent part off, as real Stugs used to have the skirts fall off or get shot up all the time. Apparently the late war schurzen mounts were tougher and they didn’t used to fall off so much, but it was an easy way to give the model some character. I also cut off the shot deflector on the cupola. To be honest it was rough and porous and I thought it was a casting defect until I did some more research! Never mind, they weren’t all fitted with them anyway. I also added some cargo and junk stowed on the rear deck and sponsons. The schurzen mounts were quite fiddly, make sure you get a good flat mating surface between the bracket and the hull.

I basecoated with Bolt Action/Army Painter’s Dunkelgelb spray and bodged up a camo pattern on it (Vallejo Luftwaffe Green 70.823 and Dark Rust 302). I’m not really totally happy with it. I was trying to get a slightly feathered edge on the camo by using a stippling motion, as I don’t have an airbrush and I’m not going to get one just to paint a couple of vehicles. Maybe I should have just gone for a hard-edged one, as they did used to paint them that way.

I then washed it in Army Painter Strong Tone ink before picking out the sharp detail in black ink and drybrushing the whole lot in Vallejo Middlestone. It’s the same process I used on my recce Hanomag.

The commander was just undercoated in black, drybrushed and his flesh painted. I realised too late that I’d had a brain fart and as an assault gun crewman he should have been in grey uniform, not the black of a panzer crewman. It’ll be interesting to see who shows their button counter tendencies by pointing that out!