The Warlord Games German Pioneers boxed set is a really interesting and versatile boxed set. It contains five sprues of fairly generic plastic infantry, and a great selection of metal parts to convert those into engineers. I bought mine for rounding out my support options for Chain of Command. The boxed set can easily make up a full selection of engineers, and a spare rifle section as a bonus.

What do you get in the box?

The box includes:

  • 5x sprues of figures and weapons
  • 25x bases
  • Metal parts to make specialist engineer equipment:
    • Mine detectors
    • Flame throwers
    • Wire cutters
    • Pioneer backpacks
    • A Goliath
    • Stick grenade satchels
  • Metal heads and arms for engineers
  • A sheet of examples, but no set instructions

The main sprues are the same ones as the Warlord Blitzkrieg infantry boxed set, which is early war. If you want late war Germans in short boots and smocks you’re out of luck, but I think the nice range of engineering widgets makes up for this.

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you using the metal parts from this box with late war plastic sprues. You could either buy this box then flog the early war plastic bodies, or see if you can pick up the pioneer metal parts on somewhere like eBay.

What I built

I  built up a flamethrower and mine clearance team, plus spare guys to convert them to wire cutting and demo teams, plus a section leader for them. That pretty much covers all the engineering support I’ll ever need for Germans in CoC.

You can see them with a lick of paint on them here.

That still left about 22 bodies on the sprues, so I’ve decided to use them on a little project. More about that soon…