I’ve had some Lizardman Temple Guard miniatures for ages, but they’re the old metals and I only had 11. That’s not really a useful sized bodyguard for a Slann mage priest, so I thought I needed some more.

I wasn’t keen on coughing up £29.50 (incl P&P) for ten plastics, which would have been more like £34 with the  old style round shields I wanted to use with them. So instead I’ve improvised:

  • 2x sprues of 4 regular plastic saurus (from Ebay) = £10
  • 10x Temple guard heads (from BitzBox) = £5.7
  • 8x old style lizardman shields (from Ebay) = £4.5

Total cost: £20.20

I wanted the old shields so they’ve match my existing metal TG. This gives me a unit of 19, which is ok I reckon. A unit of 30 would look great, but could be a bit unwieldy once you have that big Slann in the front rank. Saurus are on 25mm bases anyway, so it’s easy to get a unit that’s too wide to be manoeuvrable.