Scatter terrain is one of those little things that I think we’re all guilty of neglecting at times. But I think a table with those little bits of “lived in” detail is just so much more appealing. The great thing about these little terrain pieces is they’re quick and cheap, great for when you’ve got a much bigger hobby project that you’re avoiding!

Warbases scatter terrain

I’m a big fan of Warbases, who do all sorts of nice things cheaply in MDF, including a good range of scatter terrain for European and North American battlefields.

This stuff is absurdly cheap, good quality and most of it looks pretty good. I picked a pile of it up at Salute, but the prices you get on the website are the same:

Hay Cart

Hay Cart

£3.50 for cart, £2.50 for the hay.

MDF cart with a resin hay load. The bed of the cart is etched with a plank effect, so you can build it without the hay and it’ll look fine


Farm gates


£1 for a pair

Celtic Cross

Celtic cross


There are some nicely painted versions of this on the site, but I went with a basic stone design. From opening the packet to the finished article was well under and hour’s work I reckon.




Just a little feature to break up those hedgerows. Bit of a fiddle to assemble, actually.

Wheelbarrow WIP



One of the slightly ropier looking kits IMO, but it’ll look fine on a little bit of garden when I get around to modelling it.

Bench damaged and with rug


£2 for three

These are very thin and flimsy, so really need to be attached something with a solid base. I’m going to put one into a garden and a couple in a little graveyard. The reason one has a rug on it is because I messed up the painting. With MDF terrain that’s supposed to be wood I often just stain the raw MDF with a dark brown ink and then distress it with sandpaper. On this bench I accidentally went too hard and had to cover up the damage. I just got a 1930s rug design off the internet, scaled it down and printed it out at 300dpi.

If you’re after European 20th century stuff they also do sets of miscellaneous garden bits for £16 that will really spice up your buildings. It’s marketed for Chain of Command but it’s generic enough to be good for all sorts.