Everybody who played on the weekend got a free miniature from the talented Dave Toone

Everybody who played on the weekend got a one-off miniature sculpted by the talented Dave Toone

I just spent a great weekend away attending the War and Conquest National Tournament in Leicestershire. The theme was “Rome and her enemies” and saw the disciplined armies of that great civilisation square off against a motley collection of unwashed heathens and rival Mediterranean powers.

The venue was a village hall in Kegworth, near Loughborough, and was arranged by a couple of my gaming buddies from the Gravesend Wargamers Club. Everybody played four games over two days, and everybody seemed to have a great time. War and Conquest usually plays to a result in about 2-4 hours, even when played by newbies like me who don’t really know the rules that well.

My first couple of games weren’t spectacular, with a narrow loss and win for me, but fun nonetheless. The same couldn’t be said for the eventual champ Jenny who started her campaign first thing on Saturday morning by absolutely slamming her opponent Dan and wiping him out to a man. Dan’s dad Dave helpfully took a photo of what was left of Dan’s army:

77 nil

I can’t talk really, as she battered me pretty badly in my last game of the weekend, too. Fair play to Jenny, she plays a mean game of toy soldiers.

I think the players with Roman armies saw a lot more variety across the table than those playing against them. Lined up against the might of Rome were Successors, Carthaginians, a couple of different flavours of hairy barbarians, etc. In contrast it was mostly Imperial Romans coming the other way, but the lists are flexible enough that there was some variation in there.

I’ve got to say thanks to Phil Turner for the loan of his Germanic barbarian army. They were a joy to romp around the board smashing up Romans with.

Needless to say, a few beers were had in the evening and the atmosphere was friendly and relaxed. The next event will be in November and held at Foundry, if you fancy a good weekend away gaming I recommend get down to the next W&C national tournament and come join us.