Terrain! Love it or hate it, you’ve gotta have it. We’re pretty spoilt for choice in MDF buildings these days, but I don’t think I’ve built any from TT Combat before. So how are they? Like this:

The houses came to me by a slightly roundabout route. Some time ago I backed a Kickstarter for a sci-fi spaceship game (Dropfleet Commander) but the company behind the Kickstarter ran into some trouble and ended up being bought out by multi-tentacled wargames behemoth TTCombat (the straight-up retail arm of Troll Trader). They didn’t end up fulfilling all the pledges so gave me £15 of credit in their store.

Scrolling through the basic but very reasonably priced MDF library on TTCombat I saw these terraced houses and so buying two of them only cost £3 on top of my store credit. Two 28mm houses for £3? Bargain!

For a £9 kit you get quite a bit. The houses come as a shell of three walls, with one wall removable in two pieces and the internal floor comes out too. Most MDF houses don’t have a staircase inside, but this one actually does. As well as that you get a good sheet of greyboard detail parts including window frames, shutters and details for the front door.

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This is a really good value kit and I didn’t end up doing too much extra to it. I added roof tiles from Warbases and a drainpipe to one of the houses. On a whim I also added glass to the windows (just cut from old blister packs) I modelled a few of them with broken panes and/or broken window frames. One house got a back door from the bits box and a little porch at the back. This meant that I wanted them to be the same height I was pretty much committed to basing them both so the other got a bit of hedge and a wheelbarrow. I did consider putting them on larger bases and doing some more garden details but ultimately I decided that I could make separate gardens. Having too large a base with loads of stuff on it makes them harder to store and less versatile. I do have a load of garden stuff that I need to get around to building…

So for a quick and cheap terrain project these will do. You can never have too many houses for those WW2 or moderns games. Together with the neat edge-table terraces I did a while back and a couple of other houses I’ve got I’m now getting towards being a able to put a small village on the table.