For the last three years I’ve been submitting the stuff I build and paint to the TFL painting challenge. Every time you paint something you take a picture and send it into the site, which awards points.

Ah, so it’s a painting competition?

Not really:

“The TFLPC is not intended as a competition between participants, but rather as an encouragement to self-improvement.”

The idea isn’t to try to paint more than everybody else, because quite frankly you won’t. Some of the people submit a huge amount of stuff, they’re professional painters. The idea is more to try to beat your own score year-on-year, although of course if your mates are entering to it could be fun competing with them.

Right, so does it work?

It works on me. I’ve managed to increase my output every year:

My score for 2016 was composed of :


  • 128 infantry
  • 14 Cavalry
  • 11 “Larger”, things like vehicles
  • 5 buildings

And in the “Under 15mm” scale, 7 aeroplanes (they were actually spaceships)

So you can see that I painted a ton of infantry in 2014, but the last two years I’ve been doing a lot more tanks and buildings, with some cavalry in the last year, too.

They also keep a gallery of everybody’s entries, and photos go out a couple of times a week as new stuff is added. I find all the pics of what others have been painting really inspiring and interesting. Here’s my stuff for the last three years: