This is a kit I’ve had sitting on my shelf for a while, but I’ve finally got around to finishing it up:

Timeline Miniatures make MDF terrain in 15mm and 28mm for Fantasy, European Medieval and 20th Century and a bit of Classical. This kit is their Normandy Farmhouse which actually comes in the smashed up form I’ve got:

…and ta-da! It’s fixed:

I suppose if you were really keen you could get both and if somebody blew up the building you could swap them.

These Timeline kits are really precisely cut with good tolerances that make assembly a pleasure. A base is included, and the upper floor comes out to allow you to move your toy men around on the ground floor if you want. The kit includes bits of rubble and roof timbers on one of the sprues. However, what’s included isn’t really enough to look convincing, I’ve added tons more and it still doesn’t look like half a house has come down. I used some resin rubble piles from The Square (their website seems to be offline, but they attend shows), then cut up loads of bits of MDF sprue sprayed brick colour to make piles. I used Warbases tiling sheets on the roof. There’s not much roof left on this model, so you don’t need much! It was a fun build, as you get to be creative modelling all the rubble and damage.

It’s listed as a “Normandy farmhouse”, but it wouldn’t take much to convert it for Eastern Europe (waney edge boards to make it look wooden?), North America (add a veranda?). You could maybe go for the Med by adding something like a portico and pantiles, but the roofline is probably a bit steep.

Despite my rubbish painting I reckon it’s come up ok and is a steal for £12. They also do a smaller single storey one for only £6. The quality on these kits is as good as or better than anything else out there on the market, and they’re a bargain.  Highly recommended.