My last Dogs of War regiment for now is one of the obligatory pike blocks. These are the miniatures for the Regiment of Renown called Leopold’s Leopard company, but since I’ll generally be fielding them as generic pikemen I didn’t feel under any compulsion to go for a leopard print paint job.

For some reason I got the idea into my head to do tiger stripes. Leopard spots would have been a lot easier with hindsight, but I think they’ve turned out ok for an effect I’ve not tried before.

I picked up some pointers from this guys 40K tiger stripe space marine guide and looking at too many pictures of big kitties. After a few test runs on paper all I did¬†in the end was to lay down an orange base coat, then wet blend in white on the muzzle, ears, belly and legs. The stripes were just drawn on with a thinned black. I was going to go back and pick out the centre of each stripe in an orangy/brown, but after a bit of a test on one mini I found it was fiddly and didn’t really add much. The whole thing then got dipped and some highlights picked out, but nothing too strenuous. This is a bulk regiment for wargaming, I’m not an obsessive painter. As long as it looks ok on the table I’m happy.

Getting this unit finished means I’ve now got enough of a core to my DoW army to play some decent games, so hopefully they’ll get to come down to the club for a game soon.