I’ve published a few lists for the Italian theatre of WW2 here before, but there were still a lot missing. Luckily Rafael Ortiz on the TFL forum recently stepped up with a frankly insane number of lists that really fleshes out the campaign  in Italy with armies from both sides and a variety of nations.

So without further ado, here are all the lists from myself and Rafael that have been done so far:



Armored Rifle Platoon (Sicily)

Armored Rifle Platoon (Mainland)

Cavalry Recce Platoon

Parachute Infantry Platoon

Infantry Platoon


Airborne Platoon

Commando Platoon

Infantry Platoon

Motor Platoon

New Zealand

mid-1943 to mid-1944

mid-1944 to end of war



Sicily to Salerno: the early Italian campaign

One Tough Gut: German defensive lines on the Italian peninsular



Bersaglieri Sicily

Fucilieri Sicily

Mainland (CIL)

CIL Fucilieri

“CIL” Bersaglieri

CIL Paracadutisti

Mainland (RSI)

RSI Fucilieri

RSI Bersaglieri

RSI Paracadutisti

So, which list do I use?

I’ve made a little timeline that shows the major actions in the campaign, and where lists have more than one version it shows you which one to use:

Italian Theatre Campaign timeline

It’s a bit rough and ready, but should hopefully point you in the right direction!