This is just a little interlude from my regular postings to pimp my local wargames club: The Gravesend Wargamers Club.


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The club meets Wednesday nights from 7:30 at The Northfleet Veterans Club, The Hill, Northfleet, Kent, DA11 9EU. On a regular club night there will be about three tables going, with at least of these being a participation game that anyone’s welcome to join. We get gamers from all over Kent, and even some weirdos from the barbarian lands across the water (Essex).

I’ve recently returned to wargaming and did a bit of a scout around the local clubs. This one gave me by far the warmest welcome, new faces are always encouraged and there are guys ready to lend you their toy soldiers and let you join in on games. Currently there’s a lot of ancients and dark age being played with the War and Conquest rules, WW2 using Chain of Command, X-Wing, black powder-era stuff such as Muskets and Tomahawks, British Grenadier and a home-brew rule set for 2nd Afghan War. There’s also usually at least one board gaming table with the likes of Pandemic, Zombicide or frankly hundreds of others. What you won’t see a lot of is CCGs or 40K, if that’s what you’re after you probably want to head over to the Gravesend Gamers Guild as they seem to do pretty much exclusively those. The guys will generally play anything though, if you’ve got a game you’re looking for opponents for come down and bounce it off us, we might be keen.

One thing I will say stands out about the club is the generally excellent standard of the armies you see on the tabletop. It’s rare you’ll see a shiny metal miniature, and most of what you see (apart from my stuff) is painted to an impressive standard. These guys love the hobby, and enjoy putting on a good-looking game. The club has also got a reasonable amount of generic terrain available.

If you’re in the area, definitely pop in and say hi. The first night won’t cost a penny (£5 thereafter) and you’ll probably be able to jump in and enjoy a game straight away.