No, not that kind, the other kind! Big things for storing liquids and gasses.

Normally about here I would tell you where I got the MDF kit from, but to be honest I haven’t a clue. I can’t remember and I can’t even find the order receipt in my emails. So if anyone has any idea where I got this from, drop me a line and enlighten us all!

EDIT: Aha, turns out it was Warbases! £8, bargain!

The kit itself is pretty simple: you get the central part with the platforms and ladders to which you add three empty drink cans.The kit does include some round MDF parts to add to the top of the cans and some grating type detail to put on the top. I felt the whole thing still looked like some drink cans at that point, so started adding gribblies to break it up a bit. On top of the cans I added some 3D printed industrial bits covered in valves, pipes and gauges and I added more bits onto the sides to break them up a bit. There are bits of styrene tube, old pieces of my daughter’s Playmobil she’s outgrown, and some little fire extinguisher boxes made from some old MDF parts and 3D printed fire extinguishers and pipeline parts. Ok, let’s be honest: they still look like drink cans. But hopefully I’ve done enough that your imagination can stretch a little.

I printed out some industrial signage (some serious, some less so…) and printed it out on my printer. I would normally throw a wash all over something like this, but I didn’t want the printed signs to run so I’ve just dabbed it all over with a sponge covered in browns and blacks to dirty it up a bit. It’s s bit rough but passes the 2ft test.

It’s mostly intended for moderns, tactical espionage skirmish games like Black Ops love industrial settings, but at a pinch it’ll work for WW2 and probably sci-fi too.