Now that we’ve seen what’s in the rulebook for Stargrave we can map out some actual crews ready to get stuck in when the book lands properly. So here are two crews to get things started:

Human Crew

The crew of the mercantile raider “Astrofunumbulist” are a motley lot of humans, aliens, droids and roller babes thrown together by fate and naked avarice. This is kind of my “main” crew with the evil robots as their rivals.

Smash-and-grab Team

Stargrave is all about grabbing objectives. How these work differs slightly from Frostgrave as there are now two different types: data loot and physical loot. They also need to be “unlocked” and there are specific skills and soldiers designed to make this happen.

This team, lead by the captain, is all about grabbing the loot and getting out. Everybody has a move of 7″, with two lightly armed “runners” to carry off loot and a speedy “pathfinder” to give them some punch. A safecracker “chiseler” can help unlock physical loot, and the captain is a “tekker” loaded with tricks and gadgets for grabbing loot and preventing the enemy from doing the same

The captain (in the green jumpsuit) is a Desktop Hero design of mine, as is the sassy looking chiseler in the purple vest. The fur-hatted pathfinder is a Wargames Atlantic “Eisenkern” stormtrooper with a Warlord WW2 Soviet plastic head. The bouffant roller girl and the other runner are two more Desktop Hero designs of mine. I just couldn’t resist doing the roller skates when I saw them in the footwear options in Desktop Hero…

Shoot ‘Em Up Team

Less finesse here, more firepower. This team is all about hitting the enemy hard, pushing them back and creating space for the other team to grab the loot.

Led by the veteran first mate in his power armour there are a pair of “troopers”, a dwarf grenadier and a robot “commando”.

The first mate is another WGA “Eisenkern” mini, painted differently and with a 3D printed helmet. His floating rapid fire weapons platform is a 3D print from Thingiverse. The reptile trooper in the white armour is another Eisenkern, this time with an old plastic GW Lizardman head. The dwarf with the grenade launcher is a Thingiverse find, I added the grenade launcher digitally from a model I liked the look of. The brown lizard trooper and the robot are both 3D prints from EC3D Design’s recent Kickstarters. These are both supportless prints which is a nice touch, although it does limit the poses a bit.

Robot Crew

The cybernetic minions of the Android Reconnaissance and Security Expedition are here to bring order back to the shattered galaxy and if they have to vaporise a few meatbags along the way, so be it.

Most of this lot are minis I painted a while back. I realised that with only a couple of additions I could have a second crew. So armed with the extensive library of minis I’d just got from the EC3D Kickstarter I picked out this cyborg chap and the chonky little spiderbot to fill out the ranks.

Game-wise I’ll run both the captain and first mate as cyborgs, one obviously still fairly human and the other presumably just a brain in a robot body. The spiderbot can be a “runner” and the crew can bring either a gunner, a grenadier or maybe both, with the rest of the crew being a faceless horde of troopers. Perhaps a little too faceless, I might need to stick some decals with numbers on them to avoid getting confused during gameplay.

The basing on these doesn’t quite match the rest of my Stargrave stuff which I’ve done in a simple grey without tufts. But hopefully the lack of grass on the bases means they should look sort of ok in urban and industrial battlefields.