Yarr, laddie! Solid info about Stargrave is still on the drip-feed, but one of the teasers which did drop from the author was that the game included a clock mechanism. As the fight goes on you attract ever more “unwanted attention” from the local pirate warlords.

So if we need space pirate NPCs, I thought I’d better fire up the 3D printer and make some!


While these space goblins might bear a startling resemblance to those available from a certain Nottingham-based wargames mega-corp, it turns out they’re actually an entirely original creation from a chap called Vidovic Arts on Thingiverse. You can get them with bases here or without here. I printed them without because I wanted to base them on coins like all the rest of my stuff.

They’re a lot of fun and have tons of character. I’ve printed out one of every pose, giving me 14 all up. That’s probably more than I’ll ever need, but you can’t just do a couple of goblins, can you?

These chaps will do for the lowest grade of pirates in Stargrave, the pistol-packing “ruffian” and they can probably stand in as recruits for crews that need to fill out the numbers. Similar to Frostgrave, Stargrave lets you hire the cheapest grade of soldier for free, so even if your crew has taken a beating you can always field a full roster next game.

There have been some lovely pics of 2000AD genetic infantry (ie: Rogue Trooper) bouncing around lately, so I was inspired to paint these shirtless nutters blue too. They came out looking like smurfs, so I gave the leader red trousers.

Everybody else

Again, these are all 3D prints, but come from two sources. Most of them are my own designs made using Desktop Hero (which I blogged about recently here). As well as representing pirates, these could easily double as my crew. They’re a motley bunch, so should be pretty versatile.

The two that aren’t homebrew are from a Kickstarter I recently backed (in the above photo, numbering from the left #2 and #6). EC3D’s Novus Landing had a great selection of miniatures, terrain and vehicles, and I also opted in to getting all the stuff from the previous Ignis Quadrant Kickstarter. So I now have a pretty heroic collection of Sci-fi STLs, and I think I can probably do just about everything I want for Stargrave.

The quality on the EC3D sculpts isn’t amazing, the detail is a little soft but not too bad. I do have some of his robots on the painting bench too, and they’re absolutely brilliant as is the terrain so I’m definitely not unhappy about backing the KS.