The next chain of command campaign I’m playing with my regular opponent Phil is Kursk, and I’ll be playing as the Reds.

We’ve got most of what we need for both sides, but I fished this pack of Soviet observers out of my lead pile. One of the earlier scenarios might need a Soviet OP, plus they’re nice little miniatures anyway. The guy with the binoculars would work as an observer or gun crew, and the others could even work as JOPs.

Typically for Warlord’s metal ranges, these are nice little miniatures. Better-proportioned than their plastics, with lovely crisp detail, and faces that are characterful without being cartoonish they were a joy to paint.

I’ve also had to add a couple of blokes to my squad of dug-in Soviets. The Kursk campaign uses a 1942 platoon TO&E that has four squads, two of which have two DP-28 LMGs. So if I want to dig in one of those squads I need a second LMG. I’m not sure if the poses I’ve gone for here really work. The guy chucking the grenade is ok, but shaky-fist-guy on the gun looks a bit strange. Ah well.

One of the few support options on the Soviet list we don’t have between us is the DShK heavy machine gun. A 12.7mm weapon often used as an AA gun, it was also available on a wheeled ground mount similar to the Maxim. In this role it was enthusiastically used to re-educate the fascists, and in Chain of Command is a pretty effective support unit.


Not many people do a ground-mount DShK with troops in summer uniform, but Warlord to the rescue again. For someone who has no interest in Bolt Action I sure do buy a lot of stuff from the Bolt Action range…