Rummaging through my lead pile I found I had several scouts left over from the scout squad I made a while back, and a couple of Bad Squiddo’s female soldiers including this signaller. That lot seems ideal for some Jump Off Points for Chain of Command. Up until now I’d just been using shell craters as my JOPs, so this is a welcome upgrade for my Soviets.

Jump Off Points


The scouts are very nice sculpts from Black Tree Designs. I know some people have some really bad customer service experiences with them (mostly slow or non-dispatch of orders) but some of their minis are very nice, especially the Soviet range. In fact it was very obvious painting these BTD scouts alongside the Bad Squiddo figure that they’re much better, with much crisper detail. The faces in particular are far better, with much more character and detail on them. I remember noting this about the Bad Squiddo miniatures last time I painted some; they fill a niche in the market nobody else is doing but apart from that there’s nothing about the miniatures themselves to justify their premium price tag. They’re ok and I do like this one enough to use it, but there’s much better out there.

As usual for my JOPs these are on 40mm square bases and the boxes and junk are plastic scatter terrain from a Mantic set that included some barricades and smashed up cars.


I don’t especially need a commissar miniature, but I had this Bad Squiddo miniature left over and I think it’ll do nicely as a force morale tracker in Chain of Command. I’ve mostly been playing Eastern Front battles around the time of Kursk, by which point you’d almost never see a commissar in the Red Army, and certainly not anywhere near the fighting (the lowest level unit that had commissars by then were regimental HQs).

Like the Bad Squiddo miniature above she’s an ok sculpt but not great. But like most Soviet figures she’s so simple to paint that you’re done before you know it.