My meagre Soviet force needed some extra manpower, so I’ve drafted in some infantry to back up my MG and artillery troops.

Normally I’m a bit wary of plastic miniatures. Some I’ve assembled have been really fiddly and time-consuming to assemble, and then look a bit like an assembly of parts instead of a human being once they’re together. The Warlord British Infantry box brings back really bad memories. So I tend to use plastics only to make up the numbers of my metal troops, or if I need to convert something like gun crews or dug in troops/

All of these guys though are Warlord plastic from their box of generic “Soviet Infantry”. I already had the box and needed another squad. To be honest I’m quite pleased with the result. They¬†were enjoyable to make and are easy to build into some nice dynamic poses with plenty of variation.

Size-wise they’re what you’d expect from plastic and Warlord: they’re quite chunky, but not as cartoonish as some of the other Warlord sprues. The faces have plenty of character without being OTT and you get plenty of spare parts but don’t have to go too mad with fiddly assembly. The simplicity of the Soviet uniform helps, and a fair amount of the detail is moulded onto the torsos (blankets, rucksacks, etc). If you want more then you can attach it, but you don’t have to, which keeps the assembly time down.

I was less pleased with some of the weapon options. You get loads of SMGs but only three Degtyaryov LMGs in the box. I had to buy some spares online to make up the required numbers.