Slime are the original wasteland renegades, obsessed with speed and insanely dangerous driving. Think the “Warboys” from Mad Max: Fury Road. Sounds like a fun gang to play!



One of the more unusual vehicle options in Gaslands is the ambulance. One of the guys at the club gave me this one along with a few other interesting bits like a bus.  He’d made a start converting them but hadn’t got very far and so chucked them in my direction.

For a change, I didn’t respray this one. I liked the markings it had on it and didn’t see the point in spraying over them so I just added some mud and blood. And a lot of big speakers. Why big speakers? Well, there’s a weapon option in the game called “Wall of Amps” which when activated will allow you to either add or remove hazards from any nearby vehicles. So it can both hurt enemy cars and help friendly ones, which is a neat trick. No prizes for guessing where the inspiration came from:

The ambulance itself is an odd vehicle. It has a top speed of fifth gear, so it’s potentially quick. But it only has two handling dice so rolling enough shifts to get up to fifth gear is easier said that done.  What you need are other ways of shifting up, and this is where the oddball special rules come in! Time to break out the “uppers” rule. This allows you to smash into another vehicle and both get to change up for free, but there’s a catch. This only works if you both choose to “evade” in the collision, and your enemies can’t be relied on to do that. The best way to use it is actually to collide with your own vehicles, because then you get to choose the target’s reaction. So if it needs to change up the ambulance can target one of their own buggies. They both choose to “evade” and both get to change up a gear. You do still get one hazard for changing up and another for the collision. But that’s ok, Slime love driving with plenty of hazards!

The other odd trick the ambulance can do is to use its “downers”. This is an even weirder one: if you hit another vehicle and choose “smash” then it actually drops two hazards on the target but its crew is also reduced one one temporarily. The main effect of that is to reduce the number of attacks it’ll make, but allowing the target to shed hazards like that is a bit of a double edged sword.

Obviously then the ambulance is going to be ramming a lot. So a good build option would be side rams and the “rear wheel drive” perk. This allows you to pivot the vehicle around the front edge, so that the back end swings out and you get those juicy side impacts. When a Slime vehicle manages to hit a side impact they “pinball” and get to activate again. A tricky manoeuvre to pull off, but potentially a winner in Death Races.

Parts wise, this ambulance got some Kyamsil balloon wheels on the front and the speakers and DJ are a mix of Ramshackle and Zinge Industries.


Man, I just love buggies in Gaslands. They’re a little flimsy, but they’re seriously fast, handle well and they just look so cool. I’ve built almost no normal cars, pretty much all of my stuff is weird vehicles, bikes and buggies. These are pretty standard builds. One is a Hot Wheels “Rip Rod“. If you take the naff body off it it has a really cool space frame underneath. I’ve swapped the wheels and added a spoiler from plasticard and a machine gunner from Ground Zero Games manning an S and S models twin MG. I also added the barrels on the side, which are presumably full of explosives, because Slime are nuts.

The other buggy just got its roof cut off, a driver and GZG gun added, and a wheel swap for those cool Kyamsil off road tyres.

In a way the flimsiness of buggies is a good thing for Slime. They only start with six hull points, which means they don’t have to take a lot of damage before it becomes possible to have more hazards than hull points, which the Slime fans love and will earn you an Audience Vote. So with every vehicle capable of at least fifth gear, pinballs, the ability to change up in collisions and a decent way of picking up AVs this is potentially a seriously fast team for Death Races. Add in some nitro and they could be giving Mishkin and Idris teams a good race.