A recent 3D Print Kickstarter that I backed (Novus Landing) came with a weird and wonderful collection of aliens, civilians, and, er alien civilians. So to give myself a few more options for table-dressing and spicing up sci-fi games I printed a load of them off.


There are some funky-looking aliens here, with a small party (wealthy male, his tentacled missus and their hulking servant), some kind of weird techno-monk fella, and a very hoopy frood in a puffer jacket.

The fellas on the right are some dock workers, just to scatter around and make the place look lived-in.

Space Cops

One of the common complications in Stargrave games is the “Unwanted Attention” table. The longer the game goes on, the more random NPCs turn up at the table edge and start shooting at you. These are often pirates and gang ruffians, but they could just as easily be local cops who taken offence at wanton gunplay in the streets.

These are more figures from the above Kickstarter, and they’re described as the “Alliance Patrol” so I guess they could well be intended to be military too. There’s actually only three poses there but by mirroring a couple of the poses and scaling them a little to change the height I’ve varied them a little. So there’s something you can do with 3D prints that you can’t with plastics or metals…

Camouflaged Captain

One of the available “powers” that a character in Stargrave can have is called “camouflage”. Since my captain has the “tekker” background I’ve always seen this as being something like Arnie’s mate The Predator, a gizmo that makes the wearer somewhat invisible.

Since the original captain was a 3D print which I still have the files for it was fairly easy to get some transparent resin and print out another.

Obviously, not much of a paint job required here, but I was acutely aware of the fact that clear resin has a really bad habit of yellowing under exposure to daylight. So instead of the usual post-print curing I slapped several coats of clear gloss resin onto him to block the UV and keep him clear. That means he’s not actually 100% cured resin, but he’s sealed so perfectly safe to handle. I dropped Army Painter a line to enquire whether their gloss resin was UV-resistant and they assured me that it was, and that they actually changed their supplier a few years ago to Improve the UV performance. So hopefully this fella will stay nice and clear. If he doesn’t, well I guess I could just print another!