While having a snoop around a local model shop I found these funky (and cheap!) resin trees from Wargames Terrain Workshop. Why not?

They’re big heavy lumps of resin, but at about £11 for both of them they make a couple of nice cheap points of interest on the table.

The fern-like one comes with a rock moulded onto the bottom, but I grabbed a couple of actual rocks from the garden and added them to the base, then painted them all to match each other. The ferns on the top are actually very fragile, I don’t how well they’re going to survive gaming as I broke a couple of them just building and painting the thing.

The other one with the bulging orbs (cor!) required a lot more assembly. Each branch had to be glued on some weren’t a great fit. I’d advise going around checking them all to see where they fit best and blu-taking them on in the meantime. I did the final work with a hot glue gun as it fills gaps and can even be moulded slightly while still warm to blend in. The paint job was pretty simple, a coupld of layers and a wet brush over the top, then coat the spheres with some gloss varnish to finish.

The bases are just MDF slathered in coarse sand, plus paint, drybrush and the odd tuft or blob of foliage. Nice and simple!