Miniatures, check! Tabletop, check! Now all we need is some smaller terrain pieces are we’re ready to rock…


You need a bit of scatter in a skirmish game where everybody has a gun.

All of the crates and containers are 3D printed, much of it from the “Novus Landing” collection from EC3D Design. I’ve backed the Kickstarter that these were freebies for, so expect to see quite a lot of similar stuff being printed over the next few months!

The smoking one with the holes in it was actually a failed print due to my screen starting to die. But instead of chucking it in the bin I drybrushed it black to look like it’s been zapped by something.

AA Gun and radar

The AA gun uses a toy gun from the video game “Starlink: Battle for Atlas”. This is a game that comes with a line of toys that connect to your console and affect gameplay. So with a touch of spray paint and a 3D printed mount it makes a decent looking gun emplacement.

The radar is another EC3D design. It actually comes in a couple of different variations and being a 3D print it’s pretty easy to change the size so I might do a smaller one with a different top as a comms array.


Ah, the old wargamer’s favourite, the random barricade. These were a quick and easy print job, which I just sprayed with some cheap gloss Halfords car paint (Ford Diamond White) and picked out the detail in black ink. Like a lot of scifi stuff these barriers actually have a little screen on them, which I’ve helpfully emblazoned with the calming message “Don’t Panic”.


A lot of games use objectives, but I’ve mostly got Stargrave in mind for this lot. The game uses two main types of objective tokens: physical loot and data loot. You win by picking them up, the “physical loot” works just like Frostgrave’s treasure markers but the data loot has a nice bonus that it doesn’t encumber. So hackers and the more advanced “codebreakers” will be useful to bring along.

To handle this in game I’ve made a magnetic bit that goes under the base of the data-loot tokens. When a miniature picks up the data I can transfer that to the mini so they don’t have to lug the whole console around, which would look a little weird.

While consoles look fine scattered around starships or urban areas, I might have to have a think about something more appropriate for wild areas. The physical loot is a security box, all of this is from EC3D‘s range, except for the big chunky console which is from Thingiverse.