My current project is a small Japanese village as a setting for games of Ronin, and one of the first things I’ve got done are a pair of these rural storehouses from Sarissa.

This kit contains two identical rural storehouses. Traditional Japanese houses are famously spartan, and they didn’t tend to store anything that wasn’t in daily use in the house. Communal storehouses (kura) were used to keep valuables and seasonal goods. In urban areas these were fireproof, but in rural areas they were often wooden and mostly used to store grain or rice. They’d typically be kept a little away from the houses where people were cooking in case of fire.

The kit is pretty simple, just a box on legs, and you’ll get both of them built in no time. There are absolutely identical, and pretty sterile, so I recommend customising them a bit. The kit does offer the option of having the door open or closed, but otherwise that’s it. To match the rest of my Japanese terrain I added thatch to the roof made from strips of an old towel and some minor bits like door latches. They’re also crying out for some scatter to bring them to life so I added some bits like rocks, piles of wood and the ever-useful Ainsty trade goods bits to the base.

The roofs do lift off, so if you want to hide ninjas (or objectives) in there you can. Pretty simple and quick bit of terrain though, and for a tenner they won’t break the bank.