There are some pieces of terrain that you put on a board, and you’ve instantly set the location and period. This Japanese bridge from Sarissa just conjures the time of the samurai before you even put your miniatures on the table.

First of all: I really like this kit. It’s an MDF construction, but manages to be graceful and curved. Too many MDF kits have a blocky, Lego-like appearance. So top work Sarissa!

Construction is pretty straightforward. The kit consists of a base, two side panels and a number of boards that connect the two and form the deck of the bridge. The only other parts are two decorative panels attached to the outside of the side panels. The easiest way to build this kit (IMO) is to start with one side panel and begin gluing the deck planks into it, then add the other side panel and glue the whole assembly into the base. The only potential snag is that there are four deck planks that are different from the rest and have to be glued into specific positions. The instructions point this out, but don’t actually say why: it’s so that the decorative bits stuck onto the side panels fit properly, so do a dry fit of these when you’re attaching the deck planks to make sure you get them the right way around.

Apart from that, the build is pretty rapid. Personally, after the whole thing was dry, I cut out the centre section of the base. The reason for this is that most streams you’ll be using on the table stand slightly proud of the table surface, and if you leave this bit in it will sit on top of the stream and the bridge will be wobbly.

The fit of the sides isn’t absolutely perfect, and the cut edges do have a slight ripple from the laser cutter, I sanded mine down a bit to get them flat and conceal any joins. After that I sprayed the whole thing in a cheap car basecoat, and painted the sides red. I added a bit of sand to the bridge deck as that will help miniatures placed on it to stay there without sliding off. You’ve got to be able to have heroic combat on the bridge itself! In fact Northstar released a scenario for Ronin that this bridge would be brilliant for.

Overall, this kit is highly recommended. It’s cheap, pretty quick to build and looks the business.