A 28mm scale 1918 Fordson Model F Tractor

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A 28mm scale 1918 Fordson Model F Tractor.

Occasionally the 3D printing process results in prints with slight defects. If you’re after a tractor which is rusted and damaged this shouldn’t be a problem, and can actually make the model look a bit better. So grab one of these “pre-damaged” failed prints at a discount!

Exact details of the damage will vary, but the above photos show the kind of small defects you’ll be getting.

Model is 60mm in length, approx 30mm high, so a 28mm figure on a base should just be able to see over it. The model is supplied unpainted, with the resin fully cured. Due to the fairly delicate nature of this model it will be shipped still attached to its supports, but it is printed in a special “tough resin” to give it some additional strength. You will need to remove supports and tidy up the model before priming. I recommend a standard cheap automotive plastic primer.

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