Removing Supports

To print properly a model must include “supports”. On larger components I’ll remove these before curing your print, but on smaller parts I will leave them attached to the supports to protect it during transit.

To remove supports on a cured resin print, use a pair of side-cutting pliers like you would for removing plastic from a sprue. Trim the support as close to flush as possible. There may sometimes be a small divot left that can be filled using plastic putty or “green stuff”, and sometimes you might get a small piece of the support stick out which can be filed or sanded flat.

Layer Lines

I try to make sure any layer lines are absolutely minimised, but just like casting and injection moulding can leave flash and mould lines on traditional models, so 3D printing sometimes leaves marks that need to be cleaned up.

The resin can be sanded, or you can (very gently) file it. As with any resin, take care not to breathe any of the dust, I recommend wearing a dust mask.


3D printed resin can be primed in the same way as cast resin. I use a cheap automotive plastic primer from Halfords.

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