Nothing fancy folks, just a group of medieval Japanese civilians from Perry Miniatures.


Right now I’m not really painting for any new projects, I’m making a big push to finish up all the bits and pieces left over from past projects. And you know what? It feels good!

These civvies have been sitting in the lead pile too long, and it was high time they got finished. I think I had been a bit intimidated by the idea that Japanese clothes were “hard” to paint and so I hadn’t started. But the other day I found myself in the mood for painting something diverse, with every miniature quite different. I usually paint in batches, so it’s all about production-lining ten or twenty miniatures at once. But sometimes it’s nice to just concentrate on one or two at a time.

I also wanted to tweak my technique a little on these, so instead of using a dip on them I did all the washing with inks. I also spent a bit of time on some of the pattern detail on things like the ladies kimonos, some more than others, as some are poor folk and some better off. Most of my buildings are quite rural though, so I didn’t want them looking too wealthy (ie: no white painted faces on the ladies).

All up I’m fairly happy with them, I think I hit a decent compromise between quality and speed on these.