I first added a PAK-40 anti-tank gun to my German forces for Chain of Command a while back. But I was never really very happy with the model, so I’ve 3D printed myself a much better one.


The original gun was from Black Tree Designs. Some of their infantry are really nice sculpts, I’ve got loads of their Soviets, for example. But this gun was pretty poor, and I said so when I originally reviewed it. The main issue was that it’s just way too big for 28mm figures. The PAK-40 75mm is supposed to be a very low-slung gun, and this one was about the height of a man.

The Black Tree crew figures were ok, so when I saw a decent PAK-40 model available on Thingiverse I decided to replace just the gun. I wasn’t totally happy with that model though, and it seems to have been designed with low-resolution FDM printers in mind. This meant that it was chopped up into a lot of individual pieces and that some dimensions such as the gun shield were too thick really. So instead of printing out lots of little bits and gluing them together I did the assembly digitally so that most of it printed as one piece (which works fine on an SLA resin printer). While I was fiddling with the file I also slimmed the gun shield right down so that it’s a more realistic thickness. The end result is this file, so if you’ve got a resin printer you might want to use that instead.  I still think the barrel is a little bit thick, but it might become a bit fragile if slimmed down too much?

I printed it at 0.05mm layers in eSun Tough resin, because I think guns like this with the long barrels and trails are likely to get knocked a bit and need a bit of extra strength. You can’t really tell, but underneath the paint the gun is actually a kind of luminous blue!

It’s a much, much better size for 28mm crew figures than the old gun was. The old one actually had slightly more detail around things like the breach, but had issues of its own besides just the scale so I think all up it’s a big improvement.