The Too Fat Lardies boys behind Chain of Command have been pretty active publishing additional lists for Chain of Command, but they also encourage people to write their own for obscure forces or scenarios.

Chain of Command doesn’t use points, each core platoon has a force level rating that allows you to balance opposing forces without using a calculator. If you’re putting a force together from scratch or modifying a published one you can use the Official CoCulator to work out the force rating.

For example, if I wanted to field an understrength platoon of my Panzergrenadiers with only two sections it would be rated:

  • Senior Leader + SMG = 10pts
  • Panzerschreck = 6pts
  • 2x Sections at 30pts ea (JL+SMG = 7pts, 2xLMG = 16pts, 5x rifleman = 5pts, 2x Panzerfaust = 2pts)

For a total of 76pts for regular or 101pts for elite. That’s -2 and +2 respectively.

Official Lists

As of October 2014 the released official lists are:


British and Empire

United States

  • US infantry
  • US armored rifle
  • US airborne

 Soviet Union










(Any which aren’t links are in the main Chain of Command rulebook, which you should go buy!)

Some pretty obvious missing lists include US Marines and late war Japanese for Pacific fights. Hopefully these and plenty more are coming soon!