You might have seen that I’ve added some new menu options and pages to the site that will hopefully make it easier for people to explore and find things they’re interested in.

Time for a bit of a sweep up on the blog?

Hopefully the pith helmet and rifle aren’t required for exploring content on this site. You can of course wear them if you want to.

Content Explorer

This is a single page: Content Explorer, which is a bit of a mixed bag. For example, it lists all the games I’ve got articles on, Chain of Command campaigns I’ve played, and all of my reviews of various rule sets. The site has a search function that does the same job, but you can think of this as a bit of a pre-sorted search for posts on a topic.

Project Pages

At the top of the site you’ll find a new menu. It groups all the stuff I’ve been working on by period and some broad categories. Pretty straightforward stuff. New categories will get added as I paint ’em!