I recently got re-inspired by GW’s cracking old skirmish game Mordheim, which still has a loyal community playing it after 20 years. So here are a few bits and pieces to send to the City of the Damned…


A new model shop recently opened up near me in Gravesend, and on having a poke around their shelves found they were stocking the resin Wargames Terrain Workshop stuff. I’ve bought some of that before. It’s cheap and well cast, so I picked up a couple of statues as scatter for Mordheim games.

The grim reaper statue does have a metal rod inside the scythe part but I felt it would still be a little flimsy for the gaming table and to be honest having it broken works for Mordheim anyway, so I just glued it to the base.

Obviously the paint job on these is super easy. Grey spray undercoat, quick black wash and then heavily drybrushed. Nothing too taxing there!


After putting my goblins on the table in two games recently the original warband started to change slightly, which is half the fun of Mordheim. One of my spear-armed henchmen (hench-goblins?) got promoted, so I needed a new hero miniature. He’s from Ral Partha, who do a great range of goblins with bags of character.

It also became apparent that even if you have a dirty great troll in your warband, you need something to give the standard goblins a bit of an edge. Options there for the goblins include Madcap Mushrooms, poisoned daggers, and the infiltrate skill. Having one of your boys jump out of the shadows to land a flurry of poisoned blows sounds like loads of fun, and I found this brilliant goblin ninja miniature which was too good to pass up. I swapped his swords for plastic daggers from the bits box, as the ones that came sculpted on him were very thin and bendy.


I originally bought three Mantic Ogres for my old Dogs of War Warhammer army, but since no one round here plays WHFB any more they’ve been sitting forlornly in the lead pile. Although they aren’t lead, they’re actually resin. Like most multi-part resin minis he needed a bit of persuasion during assembly. After a bit of heating, swearing and filling some gaps I managed to get him together, but I still find the pose slightly awkward. He’s also got massive shoulders and tiny ankles, which does make me a little worried about durability.

He’ll make a nice Ogre bodyguard though, in case a warband wants to hire one.