And now for something completely different…it’s some fantasy miniatures.

Cast your mind back a few years and you might remember Games Workshop’s old fantasy skirmish game Mordheim. It was a lot of fun and one of the best things they ever released. I wouldn’t mind playing a bit again, and found a troll and some Goblin sprues lying around, so I made this little warband just for fun.

They’re goblins obviously. That’s not a warband included in the basic game, although there was an Orc and Goblin one released in Town Cryer 06.¬†Town Cryer was a semi-official series of extra material for Mordheim. There are however several Night Goblin lists (such as this one). The plastic goblin sprues I had were for regular goblins, not Night Goblins but if you just leave out things like the ball-and-chain fanatic dudes the list suits fine.

I do like the look of the GW goblins, with their big noses and crafty faces. While I do generally prefer metal miniatures, skirmish games like Mordheim where weapons and equipment matter are where multi-part plastics really shine.

For my goblin heroes I’ve made up three from the plastics. One has a sword (just coz), one has a bow so I can upskill him to be semi-dangerous at range, and one has a club, just because I really fancied modelling him a plank with a nail through the end. The ultimate goblin close combat weapon!

For then henchmen I’m mostly relying on a mob of spear and shield goblins. Shields are pretty mediocre in Mordheim, most people go for a second weapon in the off-hand, but I just like the look of these little guys with their spears and wooden shields. Spears are pretty effective for crummy goblins though, they always strike first even if charged which is going to make any enemy think twice.

I’ve also chucked in two goblins armed with bows. These guys are nice and cheap, and while missile fire is never going to win games it can be handy, and at 20gc each these are dirt cheap henchmen.

My starting warband will include a troll. This thing is hugely expensive and has an ongoing upkeep cost, but he’s a combat monster and will give the goblins some much-needed stickability in hand-to-hand. This is an old miniature I used to use in an orc warband, I’ve given it a quick spruce up and painted the base to match the colour of the rest.

To round out the heroes I needed a Big Boss and a shaman. I didn’t have anything really suitable for either, so the only money I’ve spent on this warband has gone here. For the princely sum of ¬£4+p&p I got this awesome little “Goblin mercenary” to lead the warband, and a shaman to go with him. They’re a slightly different style to the GW plastics, but I think they match ok.