Looking for some cheap modern vehicles in 28mm? Check out these mashed-up beauties from Mantic:

Sometimes 28mm is an awesome scale, but sometimes it’s a bit of a pain in the butt. Finding good modern vehicles is one of those pain in the butt times. There just aren’t that many people making them, and the ones they do make tend to be a) expensive and b) fighting vehicles like Humvees and technicals.

For a lot of modern settings you need to have lots of parked or abandoned vehicles. The problem is that most toy cars aren’t the right scale for 28mm miniatures. Some are, but in my experience they’re a bit like hen’s teeth.

Mantic to the rescue then, with this cheap set that includes no less than four slightly used vehicles, plus some barricades and other scatter terrain. It was released for their Walking Dead range and will set you back all of £20. Why so cheap? Well, they’re all plastic single-piece castings. As in: they’re hollow. I think they work quite well regardless, about the only place you can really tell is the wheels (they’re very thin) and you have to look closely.

The other honourable mention for modern 28mm vehicles is probably Antenociti’s, who do some reasonably-priced ones in their survival range.

One of these Mantic cars became a technical for my African militia boys, which leaves three for being general terrain. As no assembly was required all they needed was a quick lick of paint. After an undercoat of plastic primer I sprayed one in gloss black and after some detailing that one was done. The other two got weathered a lot more, to be honest most of that was just drybrushing. Nothing fancy going on here. The pickup truck had the added step of some chipping, which I did with the hairspray method (undercoat in rust colour, coat of hairspray, spray the top colour paint, and when it’s dry attack with water and a toothbrush to scrub away the top coat and reveal the “rust”)