Miniature camouflage netting can add a lot of character to a vehicle, and is a great way of covering up mistakes or flaws on a model.

You can buy ready-made stuff, but making your own is pretty easy too, and really cheap. Get the cheapest, simplest medical gauze you can. Make sure you haven’t got bandage or anything stretchy, you want to drape it realistically over your model.

Being cotton it soaks up colours pretty easily, so you can colour it just by dipping in watered down paint. Use a really dark shade though, as the white gauze will take a fair bit of pigment to change colours. Once it’s dried for a few hours you can drybrush it to get the exact shade you want or add patterns. You will use a surprising amount of paint doing this because it’s so absorbent, so maybe use some cheap stuff.

Once you’re happy with the colour, cut it with a really sharp pair of scissors to avoid fraying the edges and position it on your model. Dab at it with 50/50 PVA and water and it should stick down quite flat. Keeping dabbing all over the cam net, you want it to stick pretty well, and the wetting makes it sag nicely. Voila, one cam net.

The pics above show a German vehicle, but the Germans didn’t actually use cam nets as much as you might expect for an army that was usually under a pretty adverse air condition. They seem to have been keener on real foliage like you can see on the vehicle above. More on that to come soon.