The Soviet 76mm infantry gun is a fairly hard model to find in 28mm, especially this earlier model of it. There were a couple of 3D models of it around, but none that would print well and have good detail. So I made my own and here it is:

Want one of your own? You can buy them from me here:

The Soviet 76mm infantry gun M1927

Similar in role to the German le.IG-18 infantry gun the Soviet weapon was a short-barrelled gun intended to provide direct fire support to infantry units. The 76mm HE round had respectable antipersonnel power out to a theoretical range of 8km, but in practice the gun’s limited elevation meant it was limited to line of sight targets. Anti-tank ammo was not especially good but an improved round was issued from 1943.

The gun wasn’t especially lightweight, but could be moved by a team of four horses (plus four for the limber), towed behind a vehicle, or as in the photo above manhandled by the 7-man crew. Like the German equivalent it had a simple box trail.

From 1943 the M1927 model started to be phased out and replaced by the same gun mounted on the carriage of the 45mm AT gun, but M1927s continued to serve right through to the end of the war. So if you want one model to represent a Soviet infantry gun at any stage of the war, this is the one to get.

Making the gun

The gun itself is a 3D print and the crew are metal from 1st Corps. I’ve used some existing designs as the basis of the gun and then added extra detail and reinforced some parts of it to make it print better. The original model was actually too detailed, many parts came out too flimsy to survive handling on the wargames table. I completely replaced the wheels, modified the gun shield and redid the barrel, among a few other little tweaks.

The Soviet habit of just coating everything with a flat green paint does make life easier for us wargamers so after a couple of details painted, a wash and highlight it was all done.

Now that I’ve got a good printable model you can buy a gun from me either with or without some of these crew. I’ve only included three crew with the gun because more people already have a couple of spare ammo bearers to builk their gun crews up with.