My recent splurge of new skinks must have inspired me, as I’ve been casting a critical eye over the sad state of my Warhammer Lizardman army.

First up was a refresh for one of my really, really old saurus regiments. These were probably the first Warhammer miniatures I ever painted, and boy did it show. I decided to try and see how well Army Painter Quickshade would work bringing life to a fairly flat paint job on these guys.

Well worth doing IMO, no longer a unit I’d cringe to put on the table.

Next up was some new terradons. I always used to include one on the table, but they’re fielded in units these days so I needed to repaint my existing one and give it some friends. I’m not even going to show you the old paint scheme. Yellow and blue, what the hell was I thinking?

This sandy brown scheme is a bit more subtle I think.