I love campaigns, they always give the action on table in a wargame more drama and context. Chain of Command is no exception to this, thanks largely to the excellent campaign supplement At the Sharp End. If you haven’t got a copy of that go grab one now. It’s dirt cheap and it’ll really enhance your games.

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to war we go!

Writing and running your own campaigns is a lot of fun, but there are also loads available off the peg. So far the early and late western front is very well covered. The next Pint Sized Campaign in the pipeline covers Kursk, which is a very much-needed addition to the Eastern Front lineup. The SCW and WW1 also get a look in. Nothing yet for other theatres, get writing folks!

NW Europe Early War

Blitz to Bolougne – Early war action with the Welsh Guards trying to hold back the blitzkrieg (2015 Summer Special)

Robin Hood’s Black Gold – Fallschirmjager vs Home Guard 1941 “What If?” campaign (2014 Summer Special)

Strawberries for Elephants – British vs Germans in Belgium 1940 (2014 Summer Special)

A Fighting Withdrawal – British vs Germans at Dunkirk (2016 Summer Special)

There are Many Rivers to Cross – A complete 1940 Pint Sized campaign for Chain of Command with complimentary wet patch.

Taking the Gembloux Gap – German 3 Panzer Division tries to break through French 1ere Division Infanterie Motorisee and unhinge the whole Allied effort in Belgium May 1940


NW Europe Late War

Closing the Gap – Canadians squeeze the Germans in the Falaise Gap (fan-made, but very high quality)

5 Platoon – British Paras on the march towards Arnhem (WSS magazine)

Kampfgruppe von Luck – 21st Panzer attacks British Paras landing on D Day

29 Let’s Go! – US Infantry attack stretched German defenders on D Day

Old Hickory – In Normandy the US tries to hold off counter-attacks from the Germans

Operation Martlet – British Infantry vs 12th SS Hitlerjugend at Caen

The Scottish Corridor – German counterattack against 15th Scottish Division at Caen

Bloody Bucket – US infantry defending against Volksgrenadiers in the Ardennes Offensive

The Road to Bremen – British troops in Kangaroos in the final days of the war (2017 Christmas Special)



Eastern Front

Operation Winter Storm – Germans try to break through the Soviet defences and link up with Stalingrad

Westwind – Russians vs Germans in 1945 (2014 Summer Special)

Storming the Citadel – The initial phase of the great German offensive of Kursk 1943

Citadel, the Breakthrough – Grossdeutschland attempts to break through the Soviet second line at Kursk 1943

Spanish Civil War

Bloody November – A SCW campaign set in 1936 (2014 Christmas Special)


Kaiserschlact – A 1918 campaign for CoC in the Great War (2014 Christmas Special)

At Your Convenience – 1915 campaign set in the Battle of Loos (2015 Summer Special)



Last updated May 2019