Painting robots and aliens is the best part of sci-fi gaming. Besides looking cool, robots are such a different style of painting that it’s a refreshing change.

All of these guys are 3D prints from EC3D Designs, whose Kickstarter I back recently and which is providing me with the vast majority of stuff I need to get into sci-fi skirmish gaming with Stargrave.

Stargrave has lots of different robots. There are numerous different NPC’s that are machines, and you can actually designate any of your crew as robots. Doing so gives them certain advantages and disadvantages in the game, so it all evens out really. For example it makes them immune to poison, psychic control and they aren’t as bothered about being shot, but they can be hacked and disrupted by electronic warfare.

It all looks quite fun and I’m looking forward to the day when we can get all this stuff on the table again!