A long time ago I used to play a lot of Warhammer fantasy, and one thing I always wanted but never had was a giant. But now I do!

The Hill Giant

First up, although I’m a cheapskate and print as much free stuff as I can find, this is a paid STL from Crippled God Foundry on MyMiniFactory (you can get it here).  It’ll cost you the princely sum of US $7, which is a bargain for a really impressive looking model. It’ll certainly dominate any table you plonk it on.

While it’s possible to print the whole thing in one piece the build plate on my Photon just isn’t big enough for that, so I had to do his arms separately (as well as the stuff hanging from his belt). But apart from that it wasn’t tricky to print, I leaned him right back and supported the heck out of him as he’s large. I also hollowed him out to save weight and resin, which meant surreptitiously punching some small drain holes into unobtrusive places like his armpits and the holes where his belt equipment connects. Once printed the arms mated pretty well onto the torso with only a light touch with a file. All up, I’m very happy with my $7 purchase.

For his clothes I wanted them to look like he’d wrapped himself in a sail from a ship, and after bouncing some ideas off people on Twitter the general consensus was “stripes” or “an anchor”, so I just did both! I’m rubbish at freehand painting, but I think I managed some stripes and a very basic anchor design. The wash tends to hide a lot of small mistakes anyway…

I decorated the base with a couple of dead people from Thingiverse. This guy looks like he’s wading through a shattered battle line, so I wanted some carnage on the base.

Sadly fantasy wargaming in my area died a death when GW killed off Warhammer fantasy, although I have tried a couple of games of Dragon Rampant and you could definitely put a giant on the table in that. I always wanted GW’s old Marauder Giant though, and the times I’ve played against giants they were always a fun thing to have on the table. So now I have one, and maybe I should find some way to play some games with him. Basically, it’s just a cool miniature and I enjoyed printing and painting it. Painting something this large kind of requires different techniques from a regular-sized 28mm figure, although much of a heavy lifting was done but a brown wash over everything I did do some wet blending on various parts of him. That’s not something I do a lot of so it was a good bit of practice and I’m happy with the result.