Since making my Germans in foxholes for Chain of Command, I decided I needed to be able to dig some heavy weapons in too. In CoC you can dig in up to four teams, which means two sections or a section and up to two heavy weapons.

I recently read on Richard Clarke’s blog about the vac-formed weapon emplacements from Early War Miniatures, and here they are:

They’re pretty easy to make. You’ll need to base them on something stiff. Being vac-form they’re very smooth and shiny. They need quite a bit of texture added to them, so I went hard on adding sand and rocks. The detail on vac-formed parts isn’t sharp, so I washed down my base colours with strongly-contrasting washes to get some relief, then did a few dry-brushes until I was happy.

The blurb about these says they suit 20 and 28mm, but to be honest I found not all were big enough for 28mm. The set contains one big octagonal mortar/MG pit, and two anti-tank gun positions, which you can see above. All of these will take a base up to about 50mm, which is what I put all my heavy weapons on. A 40mm or smaller base would be even better for the two smaller gun emplacements.

There are also three “infantry/support weapon team sangars”. These aren’t sangars, they’re just a horseshoe shaped scrape, and they to be totally honest aren’t anywhere near big enough to house 28mm figures.

They might well work for 20mm, I don’t have any 20mm miniatures to check. I’m very happy with the larger pits for heavy weapons, but if you’re looking for an easy way to represent dug in rifle sections in WW2 or later this kit probably isn’t what you’re after. I should point out that I use fairly large bases (25mm) and that if you’re using smaller ones you might find them more roomy.