I’ve finally completed my force of WW2 Germans so I can start playing Chain of Command in earnest. CoC is a platoon-plus level game, you’ll always be putting a full infantry platoon on the board. I’ve gone for a Heer Panzergrenadier platoon, which consists of:

  1. Platoon CO
  2. 3x infantry sections
  3. Panzerschreck team

I’ve also painted up enough support to add:

  1. SFMG
  2. Mortar forward observer
  3. Medic
  4. Another Panzerschreck
  5. Snipers

I’ve got some pioneers and vehicles in the pipeline, but the above will allow me to get gaming.

Panzergrenadiers or line infantry?

Panzergrenadier and line infantry sections have a different structure, but it’s not hard to set up your army so that you can represent either.

PzGren section:

  • NCO
  • 2x two-man LMG teams
  • Five extra riflemen supporting those LMGs

Line infantry section:

  • NCO
  • Three-man LMG group
  • Six-man rifle group

By painting up an extra rifleman per section you can field it as either line or PzGren, just swap one of the men armed with an LMG for a rifleman or vice versa. The only difference in uniform between them would be the colour of the piping on the epaulettes, which isn’t really visible even at 28mm anyway.

Panzergrenadiers are tough bastards and very highly rated for force strength. The rulebook states +1 for regular and +7 for elites (although that might change soon). Elite PzGrens will very rarely put a nasty tank or assault gun on table, but at +0 for regular infantry there are plenty of opponents you can pick up extra support slots from. If you feel the urge for uberpanzers then line infantry should be able to put a Tiger or Panther on the table pretty much whenever they fight British Paras or US Airborne (circa Market Garden).

Miniatures used

This is a mishmash of plastic and metal from:

Wargames Factory

These are incredibly cheap plastics, and TBH I’m not completely happy with them. Quality is ok, but they’re sculpted a lot more finely than the bulky cartoonish look of metals. The rifles in particular are noticeably skinnier. I’m sure they’re actually more realistically proportioned, but IMO the metals do look better. I’ll keep the plastics as spares if I need extra sections or for big games.

All the troops without the camo smocks in the above pictures are Wargames Factory plastics, except for the prone gun team who are Warlord.

Artizan Designs

The late war Germans from Artizan are excellent IMO. These form the bulk of my  support weapons and the bulk of my rifle sections. I’ve been retiring the plastics as I’ve painted more of these up.

Warlord Games

I got my command group and the crates and boxes for my JoPs from here. I also got my Pioneers and the decals for rank badges that I’ve applied across the platoon. They mix well with the Artizan stuff and are decent quality.