Jump off Points are an important and unique feature of Chain of Command, and I wanted to make some of my own to give my German army some character.

There are some fairly generic ones available on the official site, and most people seem to follow the general idea of a stack of supplies. I did likewise but added some military police, whose job involves directing men and vehicles towards the front line (and of course apprehending anyone trying to go the other way!).

The MPs are Artizan, the stacks of supplies are Warlord, and the barrels are Renedra.

So, what are Jump Off Points?

Chain of Command uses a unique deployment mechanic. During a pre-game patrol phase each side moves markers to try and grab control of parts of the board. At the end of the patrol phase these markers are turned into Jump Off Points, which stay on table during the game. All your troops start in reserve and can deploy from these during the game. The JoPs can even be moved up if you take ground from the enemy, meaning you can bring reserves on well forward. Vehicles enter from a road on your baseline.

It’s a good mechanic and adds a lot of tactical flavour to the game. Essentially it represents ground that has been patrolled and secured before the game, with the platoon CO committing his assets through these pre-scouted routes into the fight.