Sometimes it’s worth having a rummage in your lead pile to see if there are any fun little bits and pieces to paint. So I did and found these:

Part of the inspiration was the recently release Blitzkrieg 1940 supplement for Chain of Command, in which “nuns with guns”, spies and 5th columnists all become a genuine on-table support element, instead of just a bit of silly fun. I already had these miniatures (who knows why), so I threw some paint at them.

But lets be honest, they are a bit silly. On the plus side they’ll also work for other games like Black Ops. Plus one of the guys at the club says he has some Home Guard, and you’ve got to have parachutists, sinister enemy agents and sabotage nuns in that kind of game.

All of these are Warlord, from their sets “enemy agents” and “German high command“. The latter can just be an objective or a little piece of scatter terrain.