For too long my Germans half tracks have been riding around the battlefield transporting nothing but fresh air. But no more!

I painted up several halftracks a while ago for my WW2 Germans (250, 251, another 251) but the two Warlord vehicles came without drivers or passengers, and the Die Waffenkammer one only came with a couple of lads in the back.

Not a problem though, I got a blister pack of metal German passengers. Since I got them Warlord have also released an early war version, and a plastic version. The early war one looks like it only fits in a Hanomag, the others look like they’ll also fit into kubelwagens, trucks, 250s, etc.

The pack of six bodies contains two pairs and two singles. They’re all armed with rifles and with a mix of soft caps and covered helmets. They fit fine into my resin Die Waffenkammer SdKfz 251 and my resin Warlord 250, but to fit into the Warlord plastic 251 they had to have their feet snipped back a bit.

I was going to get fancy and magnetise them, but to be honest I think a small blob of Blu-Tac does the job just as well! With some troops in the back I think the half tracks look much better.

Sadly, no one seems to do British passengers (except maybe Victory Force Miniatures in the US for eye-watering postage charges) so my M5 halftrack will have to remain empty for now. I’m wonder if I could use the legs from the Warlord German plastic passenger sprue and attach them to British plastic bodies? Nobody will notice the different boots, after all.