Bit of a break from tanks and men with guns here: it’s a car!

Specifically it’s a Citroen 11CV (aka Traction Avant)1/48th kit from Tamiya. The Germans picked up a lot of these after the fall of France, and mine is painted up as an army staff car.

The Tamiya kit includes decals for several variants (French civilian, French Army, German army and Luftwaffe) but the basic kit is the same in all cases. Quality on the kit is as good as you’d expect, although there were a few fiddly bits that seemed to be included just to make the kit harder. Is there any reason why the tiny central hub of each wheel had to be glued on instead of included in the mold? I dropped one and since it was about the size of a gnats eye it was gone.

Why does a wargamer even need a staff car? Well in the new year I’ll be playing a mini-campaign set in Arnhem, during which the commandant of the city makes an ill-fated appearance. General Kussin was attempting to return to his headquarters after visiting forward units on 17 September 1944 when he instructed his driver to take a more direct route (against the advice of local commanders). He ran straight into men of 3 Para and his car was riddled with bullets. I fully expect the general in my game to meet a similarly bloody end. Probably about the most useful thing his car can do is provide a bit of cover for somebody after the paras improve its ventilation.

For anyone interested in the campaign it’s the one featured in WSS74 called “Breaking Through to Frost at Arnhem – 5 Platoon” and I’ll hopefully be posting some battle reports in a few weeks.