The armoured reconnaissance battalion (“Aufklarungs Abteilung“) of a late war panzer  or panzergrenadier division was a well armed, dynamic force. Besides its core of dedicated recce vehicles it contained an aggressively-wielded force of infantry, and its own supporting pioneers, AT guns and infantry guns.

By the late war it had replaced most of the motorcycles and kubelwagens of the early war recce units with halftracks, and could operate over the same terrain as the tank formations it was scouting for.

Because of their mobility and firepower the recce battalions often found themselves employed as a quick reaction force, counterattacking into enemy breakthroughs and generally doing a lot of the jobs heavier armoured units should have been doing. 

Russland, SS-Division "Wiking", Panzerspähwagen

Download the Chain of Command army list here:

German Late War Armoured Recce List

After September 1944 the platoon can include a 2-man panzerschreck team and would be rated +3 for regular and +9 for elite. Effectively this is the same organisation as the panzergrenadier list in the main rule book. 



Vehicle stats can be found on the Consolidated Arsenal.

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