Gaslands might technically be a racing game, but it’s also very much a “smash into all the terrain accidentally” game. Or at least it is when I play it. So to properly populate your wasteland autocarnage arena you’re going to need plenty of stuff for people to crash into, jump over and drive through recklessly.


This billboard set from TT Combat is intended for 28mm or bigger, but to be honest if you don’t look at the ladder on the side they look fine for a sorta-20mm game like Gaslands. The images on them were printed out from my computer. One is a straight up download from the Gaslands site, and the other is one I made myself based on a line from a Judge Dredd movie that made me giggle. I did mess about for far too long adding spotlighting effects that matched up with the lights modelled onto the billboards, but I doubt anyone has ever noticed that during a game.


Part of a set from TT Combat called “Gothic Road Accessories” (where “gothic” seems to be code for “WH40K”) and cheap as chips, I bought several sets and used them to make these barriers and my race gates (see below).  Instead of the big X pattern they come with I masked up a sheet of yellow corrugated cardboard and sprayed it black to give a nice warning hazard look and then stuck the cardboard to the front. I have been meaning to go back and dirty them up a bit but they’re good enough for now.


Gates are important if you’re playing the “death race” scenario for Gaslands, racers have to go through the gates in order as they avoid each other, missiles, toxic pools and probably attacks by subterranean cannibal skeleton robots. Using the lamposts from the “Gothic road accessories” set I magentised the bases of them and then on my computer made up some vaguely motorsport-y looking images, added some tyre marks, oil stains and blood splatters to the images and stuck them onto plastic strips the right width for the gates. This means they pack down into next to nothing, which is nice because it means I can get all the terrain for a whole multiplayer game of Gaslands into a 4 litre Really Useful Box.

They aren’t the flashest looking gates I’ve seen by a long way, some people have made amazing stuff with working lights, etc.


Almost compulsory for a post-apocalyptic game, these probably form the majority of the terrain people need to watch out for in the game.

I started with this set of “hasty barricades” from S an S Models and added in extra rocks, pieces of plasticard and tubing, old MDF sprue and corrugated cardboard to bulk them up a bit. Easy peasy really.

I also got kindly gifted a couple of wrecked cars made by a guy at the club. I believe he made these some time back by taking moulds of toy cars using tin foil! That’s a clever little technique, and the fact that it gives slight imperfections and wrinkles in the final result actually works well for wrecks.

Toxic pools

Another ridiculously simple and easy piece of area terrain, these are simply cardboard painted with appropriately sickly yellows and greens and then varnished. I really can’t say any more than that!


One of the fun new features of Gaslands Reloaded is the addition of ramps to the game. If you’re going fast enough you can pull off some spectacular jumps over terrain or other cars and you ge an audience vote for doing it. Unless you mess up, in which case you’ll crash and explode. Which is also awesome.

This ramp is a 3D print downloaded from Thingiverse, and was one of the first things I printed when I got my Photon printer recently. To be honest, it was a slightly failed print where the raft peeled away from the build plate slightly, resulting in a bit of warpage. However, this is Gaslands and it’s supposed to be broken junk, so I actually think it’s fine to use as is. I’ve used the hairspray trick and some salt to do the rust.

Exploding bomb things

A while back I bought quite a nice die cast BTR-80 from a Russian site called Studio Siberia, and for the princely sum of $3 I also bought a little toy steampunk catapult they were selling. Most of that went into building a weird monster truck. The ammo for the catapult was these chunky shapes, and with a yellow and black paint job they make nice little exploding obstacles to scatter around the track or arena.